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Toronto Lawyer Discloses 10 Red Flags About Sexual Assault

Toronto Lawyer Discloses 10 Red Flags About Sexual Assault

It was recently published about an excellent analysis which exposes 10 red flags about sexual assault allegations and everyone should know this. These are related to the accusations being leveled against Brett Kavanaugh.

toronto Sexual assault lawyer

You will come to know how many of these red flags relate to Blasey – Ford’s accusations:

When the complaint is ‘he or she said’, we must not agree to coin-flip justice in an uncontrolled manner that picks winners and losers depending upon the identity politics profile of the accuser and accused. Having much experience with a career’s worth of complaints in depositions, hearing and negotiations, Toronto sexual assault lawyer says that ‘red flags that warn that a guiltless person stands accused’.

Without naming any specific accusation, the Toronto sexual assault lawyer provides these factors for consideration to the good-minded who will accept the possibility that innocence or guilt is not simply a matter of politics. He also reminds the reader that making these accusations political have permitted men like AL Franken, Les Moonves, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton and Keith Ellison to get away from accountability. No one will care if they walk the walk till they talk the talk.

toronto Sexual assault lawyer
  • The accuser manipulates the press rather than the process.
  • The accuser multiplies releasing the accusation for a favorable situation.
  • The accuser strikes the process and does not prefer to participate.
  • When the accused’s good time to mount a defense is withdrawn from the legitimate status.
  • The accuser forces the accused to preserve himself or herself before reaching a final version.
  • The accused reaches to a strong and unequivocal denial.
  • The accuser makes abnormal demands to control or modify the process.
  • When the accuser’s potential to detect the accused has not been explained in the right manner.
  • The situation when witnesses are not confirmed.
  • When authenticating witnesses simply go over again the accusation of the accuser but does not have fresh details.

It looks like as many of these red flags relate to Blasey-Ford’s accusations.

What are Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault? – The Opinion of Toronto Lawyer

toronto Sexual assault lawyer

You will not find any criminal code explanations of sexual abuse. It is a term that psychologist, therapists, psychiatrists and other health practitioners use to explain unwanted sexual contact. There are sexual offenses like sexual exploitation and sexual interference which deal with the offences including sexual acts done with young people, adult or children. The Toronto criminal lawyer says that in Canada, an individual below the age of sixteen cannot agree to sexual activity with an adult due to the exceptions for being close in age. A youngster of twelve or thirteen can agree to sexual activity with a person not more than 2 years than them. Fourteen or fifteen years old can go for sexual activity with a person not more than 5 years than them. According to Toronto sexual assault lawyer, sexual assault can be simply explained as an assault which is carried out in situations of a ‘sexual nature’ that breach the sexual integrity of the victim.


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